Hey, Ya'll Hey!

I’m Nikita, a small-town girl with big dreams and way too much life experience in my short 32 years. I am a mama to two wild+crazy rambunctious little boys and wife to my best friend 

When I first started on this journey to find fulfillment and true happiness in a life that seemed to never cut me any slack, I searched and read every article and blog that I could on life, happiness, and self-love & growth.  

I wanted and needed to find stories that made me feel I wasn't alone. I needed to know that I wasn't the only "adult" still trying to recover from a traumatic childhood. I needed to know that I wasn't the only woman ashamed of her body after two c-sections and multiple surgeries. After my son's Autism diagnosis, I wanted to connect to other moms that had been where I was about to go.

When infidelity landed at my doorstep, I needed to know that there were other women that had been where I was. I wanted to connect with them emotionally. I wanted to see their battle scars and hear their survival stories.


Y'all I found my solace through other's journeys.

My hope is that you find yours here!

I hope this leaves you feeling connected, courageous, encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to find fulfillment and happiness wherever you are in this messy beautiful life.

I hope that my voice is the guiding light you have been looking for and that you know that wherever you are in life you are not alone.


While no two people will walk down life's paths the same, we are ​all on the search for fufillment and happiness.

So, if you are having a bad day, week, or stage in life, if your dog just chewed up your favorite stilettos or your kids are driving you insane...... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Settle into your own messy beautiful life. Grab a glass (or bottle) of wine, reheat that cup of coffee for the millionth time today and let's enjoy this crazy journey together!

A Few Notes About ME

Welcome, to my blog! 

I am excited to be on this crazy journey called life with you all. 

I have felt called to share my story and if you are reading this, I hope that it will offer you some encouragement through your own messy beautiful journey. 


I can't wait to get to know you all ♥

I am a hot mess express! I drink way too much coffee, I love wine

and I cuss way more than I should.


I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love cliche quotes. I am a hopeless romantic and love a good Nicholas Sparks movie.

I will break out in song in the middle of a conversation and I can't sing for shit. 

I make very quirky little squeaky sounds when I get excited and it usually earns me a funny look from most civilized adults.

I am authentic!

I am NOT what has happened to ME. I am what I choose to become!


I am not everyone's cup of tea but I am unapologetically ME

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