• Nikita Busic

More Than A Missed Moment

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This life is crazy. It seems that we are always going. The only time we stop is...wait, we don't really ever stop. We are constantly going. Our brains are on overdrive and our bodies just keep moving.

There is always another dish to wash, more laundry to fold, a lunch to pack, or a little person's nose to blow.

The dog needs a bath and someone needs to take out the trash. Soccer practice is in an hour and a half and don't forget your kids still need to study for math.

It's dishes and laundry. Homework and projects.

Field trips and Bubble baths.

Wow, where did the time go?

These kids are constantly growing.

All of life's crazy moments seem to be coming and going but mamma let me ask you, did you stop and really listen to your baby? If you are like me, you probably didn't. The yes's, mhm's, and baby mamma hears you- keeps everything going.

They tell us these moments are fleeting and they will be gone before we know it. We want so bad to cherish them but life's chores seem to be constantly overflowing

Mamma, I beg you to stop what you are doing. Hold that baby when he is crying and ignore the laundry. Put down the dishes and play tag for a minute because mamma they are going to be grown before you know it and then you will have nothing but missed moments.

Mamma you can teach him 4+4 on his fingers and toes. That homework is an opportunity to create another moment.

Crawl into that sheet fort that he built and cherish that memory.

Take him in the yard and kick that soccer ball. The trash can overflow for just a little while.

Life tends to pass us by without us even knowing. Take the opportunity now because one day you will look back and say

"that was more than a missed moment."

Those babies don't care if you spend lots of money. They want your time and attention and laughter and loving. They would rather you show up supportive and happy than stressed and frustrated.

Mamma, look around and evaluate this life you've created. Is it everything that you wanted?

If you close your eyes and open your ears what will you hear? Is your home full of chaos and madness or laughter and cheer? Mamma, take a few steps back and do some self-evaluating. What kind of memories are you creating?

This life can be beautiful but you have to let it.

Just take a few moments and take everything in. Enjoy them while they are little because before you know it they will be ten.

Then you will blink and they will be grown men.

Mamma, it is hard I know that it is! If you don't stop this world from spinning long enough for you to take them in, this ride will be over and what will you have then?

Hug them, hold them, love them, and kiss them. Take hold of these moments and cherish them while you can. Please don't wait because Mamma it is so much more than a missed moment in the end.

Mamma, you've got this I know that you do because mamma not too long ago I was just like you!

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