• Nikita Busic

You Aren't Crazy...., Okay, Maybe A Little

Hey Y'all, Hey!

I haven't blogged in a while because... well, because of life. Life got heavy and I gave myself permission to take a break and get my ducks back in a row.

Here is the deal. I am a mom. I am a BUSY mom. I mean is there even such a thing as a non-busy mom?!? If so, can we please be friends because I could use some of your life tips. Seriously though, because I am telling you busy is an understatement in my home. We have multiple doctors' appointments a week, we have school, we have homework, we have IEP meetings, robotics club, PTA, field trips, and art club. Oh, and most recently- I decided I wasn't busy enough, so I went back to college to finish my nursing degree. Throw in a part-time business, managing 2 facebook support groups, a blog, 3 dogs, house cleaning, laundry, dishes, baths, and bedtime then we can call it a wrap. Well, not really.... at some point in all that chaos, I try my best to be attentive to my husband, family, and friends.

I truly love the chaotic beautiful mess of a life that is mine but sometimes I have to step away from some things and relish in the present.


During my brief time away from the blogging world, I was really feeling the stress of life and being a woman and mother in today's society. I practiced staying in touch with my feelings and gauging when I am pushing myself too hard. I have spent some time learning more about the woman that I currently am and the woman that I strive to be. I stepped away from the things that I could for a bit and took some time to let things fall back into place. I called friends and let myself fall apart and the most important thing is, I stopped myself when I started to feel ashamed for it. I am an emotionally complex woman and at 32 years old, it was due time for me to embrace it.

I have lived with this idea that I am somehow damaged or crazy because I am an emotional woman and my compassion for life and others runs deep. Recently, I have discovered that society's stigma about emotional women is wrong. We are not "crazy" (OKAY, maybe I am a little crazy because seriously who signs up for college at 32 while trying to keep tiny humans alive and do other adult things?!?! BUT that's beside the point 😜) and I'm certainly not "unstable" (again, debatable but it has nothing to do with my emotions). The thing is, there is something absolutely magical about emotional, compassionate, multilayered women.

We may overreact, overachieve, and overthink but when it comes to kids, marriage, friendships, careers, and everything else in life, we want something meaningful. We jump all in and we give everything we have to give.

We are multifaceted and have a distaste for labels. You can't fit us into a box because there is no "one size fits all". One minute we are running an empire and the next we are singing baby shark and baking sugar cookies. We can be bashful or brazen. We are truly the definition of fire and ice. One minute we are social butterflies and the next we want to snuggle up by the fireplace and pretend like the rest of the world doesn't exist. We will always be a mystery.

Contrary to popular belief, most emotional women are low drama. We embrace the things in life that are important and meaningful and mark the rest as white noise. We have a pearl of wisdom and maturity about us that is hard for the rest of the world to comprehend.

We are overthinkers. Admittedly so, this can be frustrating and at times annoying. The upside is we have thought up every scenario. We are confident in what we like, what we want, and what we expect.

Sincerity is never something we lack. Sugary talk or behavior is not appealing. We know what matters most to us and have trouble connecting emotionally with those that don't follow suit. Sometimes we are a little too blunt but you will always know where we stand.

Our passions drive our existence. Whether it is chasing goals, rallying behind a cause, or getting lost in a hobby, we are ALL in. We are passionate and loyal to a fault.

We are anything but typical. We are never boring. We are full of life. We pursue everything in life with enthusiasm and passion that is unmeasurable. We are big on enjoying each and every little thing life has to offer. We love new adventures and exploring the world.

We have a huge heart and we wear it like a badge of honor. We are kind, compassionate, empathetic and always looking for ways to help other people. We aim to inspire others to want to do better. We have a need to understand people and what motivates them.

Our emotions pour out of us like a waterfall. When we are sad it is palpable. When we are hurt we are lethal. When we are happy we are magnetic and electrifying.

Emotionally complex women don't hold back. Mind, body, and soul, we are all in.

We may not be everyone's cup of tea and that's okay. The truth is the world would be boring if we were all the same.

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